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He has worked in the film industry for over 20 years to create some of the best magic moments in several blockbusters.


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Launching A New Product In A Pandemic

Launching a new product in the online age has become and art form. You will need product managers, growth hackers and all sorts of other deep niche digital marketers to get a new product launched depending on the market you are targeting!

Today I want to look at the role of the Product Manager as he or she is the absolute key to getting the product from drawing board to market.

To say the Product Manager is a jack of all trades is to diss the role, but he or she does need to be an expert in many different facets of the digital marketing skillset.

Helicopter View

It is also vital that the modern Product Manager can see the bigger picture. It is their role to ensure the process of getting the product off the drawing board, into production and out to market is properly managed and everything runs smoothly.

This can cover everything from product planning, marketing and management through the lifecycle.

Marketing Based Activities

However, they are also responsbile for gathering, collating and prioritizing product and customer requirements, but more importantly it is their role to define the product vision.

They will then need to work closely with engineering, to deliver the product to the exacting standards required.

You would have thought that would be enough, but moving on the Product Manager still has to be awrae of and involved with ensuring revenue and customer satisfaction targets are met.

Diverse Skillset

This leads to the product manager having a diverse skillset that covers a broad range of subjects including (but not limited to):-

  • Knwoledge of target market
  • Product knowledge
  • Conpettitive knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • Marketing skills (specific and broad)
  • Methodolgy and process driven
  • Skilled negotiator (at all levels to the most senior)
  • Organisational ability in a diverse environment
  • Communication expert
  • Collaborator
  • Analytical
  • Product specialist

So, as you can see a diverse portfolio.

Product ManagerJobs

What’s it like to be interviewed for a Product manager job?

So, definitely a complex job role.

Demand For Product Managers

As wiith all things that have happened in the COVID pandemic the landscape for Product Management has changed massively.

As more and more products go online versus the failing high street the demand for these skills has increased rapidly in 2020. With many high street shops once again closed people have flocked to the online retailers. Amazon are cleaning up as are other major online stores.

Even Aldi and Lidl have decided they have to now compete online. Obviously the likes of Waitrose and Sainsburys have a huge lead in this area with mature operations. But, this is also driving massive demand in the digital space as well.

Finding a good product management recruitment agency is hard enough, but now demand is far higher than supply you’ll need a recruiter that is pro-active in the market, not just reactive.

Finding The Right Recruiter

Ideally you’ll want a recruitment agency that is highy experienced in the digital space generally and the product management space specifically.

They should be able to demonstrate an extensive track record of success in recruiting the skillset and have an extensive database to work from allowing that proactivity.

They should also come on to yyour site to fully understand your environment and understand what is important in your organisation when hiring for such a cucial role.

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Different Video Production Skills to Learn

Different Video Production Skills to Learn

Good video production requires high-level skills in the camera setting, shooting, video editing, lighting, cinematography, and directing. Keep developing your skills in video production is always a better option than settling for average production forever. You can find experts in different fields to help you with your projects, but for that, you will need to improve your own skills as well.

You will need a team of experts in every field so that if you are not good at something, some other team member can find solutions for it. If you lack the editing skills, find an editor who can understand your requirements and provide the best results. This way, you can create a great team of your own. But you will need to master your skills anyway, or the experts might refuse to use their important time working with you. Here are the different video production skills to learn and develop for creating valuable projects.

Camera Setting

Camera Setting

Camera setting may be the easiest skill to develop in video production. Generally, the largest size is used for filmmaking with 24 fps to give it the cinematic feel. While there are auto mode settings that can adjust according to the location, the experts prefer manual mode. Other things under camera settings involve sound, highlight tone priority, shutter, aperture, and ISO.


A lot of focus and management is required to shoot a professional video where every detail important to make it a pro-shot. To get better at framing, you should learn about the rule of thirds, symmetry and asymmetry, getting a theme, preventing eye-level shooting, camera movements and angles. Today drones are used for more advanced shots which is also a plus in the skillsets in the shooting.

Video editing

Video editing

The video editor is the magician behind any video which makes a normal video into a dramatic scene. When you complete filming a video, the rest of the world is performed by the video editor who uses software and high-tech computers to render the effects in a video. Some of their tasks involve colour editing, story editing, additional effects, etc.


The knowledge of lighting can have an exceptional effect in video production. Natural lighting, high and low key lighting, key lighting, and backlighting are the key subjects to cover to learn about effective lighting.



Cinematography is the art and the science of recording light onto an image sensor. It involves everything from camera movement, images, lighting, and angles. The cinematographer controls the camera and lighting and has duties of setting lighting plans, managing the camera crew and lighting crew, and assisting the director.


As a director, you should be responsible for everything that is on your movie set. It is the more experienced skill that you will develop over time. A director should know what they want and have the creativity of bringing their imagination into reality. They should also possess the technical knowledge of each equipment to understand what they can do with the new technology.


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